Virtual Land of OOO, Cartoon Network

We teamed up with Cartoon Network to create a virtual reality experience for Adventure Time that placed the user directly in to the Land of Ooo. We used this opportunity to develop several unique interactions in VR all with the goal of keeping immersion to a maximum and equipment requirements to a minimum.

We wanted the player to really feel as if they were in the head of their chosen character to we developed a system that changed your perspective based on gaze. By gazing at a particular character, your virtual “eyes” blink and you are teleported to see the world through the their lens. Each character has a unique visual filter (Jake is colour blind, BMO sees the world in 8-bit colour etc.) and each character hears different noises and has unique interactions and abilities to affect the world around them.

We also experimented with audio interaction, using the users voice to control the world around them. Yell at the Banana guards and they fall over!

A full version is currently in development and should be available in 2019.


Software Development – Jason Walters